Why iFairings.com ?

iFairings( iFairings.com ) is the "go to company" when it comes to your fairings and body kits purchase. it has been widely recognized by most riders and dealers as the #1 source for Top Quality Fairings in the industry. iFairings offers customers a variety of custom fairings, OEM-matched colour fairings and race replica fairings for Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Ducati. If you are happening in the market for aftermarket fairing kits to fix your wrecked bike or just have a new makeover and turn heads in the street. At iFairings, you get covered!

iFairings has its own race team and our guys also often ride in track day, so we know the fairings just like a mom know her kids. We know there are many things to consider when purchasing a new set of fairing kit, these things include but not limited to fitment, paint quality, material quality and warranty. It's extremely important to do your homework on the variety of aftermarket fairings available on the market. We have been on both sides of the purchase, we know finding a right aftermarket fairings and body kits is challenge and costly. Be cautious as many eBay sellers and "fly by night" companies advertise " top quality", " Injection Moulds " or " precise fitment " and will instead send you cheap shit plastics, leaving you with sub-par quality fairings, and no recourse. While you should not be frustrated because you guys are happening browsing the right fairings store, who will offer you OEM quality fairings without breaking your bank. At iFairings, we carries 115% risk free, that is " 100% fitment, 100% free shipping and 115% money back guaranty ", there is no eBay shadiness or poor quality shit.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers OEM comparable fairings with the price being the only noticeable difference. No matter what brand fairings you are looking for, from OEM factory-matched colour, race replica graffiti design to customized colour scheme to specify your style, at iFairings,our talented airbrushers are not only capable of doing OEM-matched colour schemes, but also spray team race replica fairings like Honda Repsol fairings, Honda HRC fairings, Ducati Tricolore fairings, Suzuki Lucky strike fairings, Kawasaki Monster fairings,etc. We can also put your business logo or any emblem you want on your bodywork to specify your own style.

Contact us if you get any questions, any suggestions or just want to say hi, our knowledgeable representatives are standing behind the store 24x7x365. we will be happy to be of any help.

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