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2013 to 2023 Honda CBR600RR OEM replacement fairings and custom fairings on sale

Honda CBR600RR fairings was not changed from 2013 to 2023 except the color schemes, so if your motorcycle CBR600RR was made during 2013 to 2023 and needs new makeover, you get the right place to order high-quality fairings which are comparable to OEM fairings but only one-fifth of the cost.

iFairings team has been committing to make high-quality motorcycle fairings for Honda CBR6000RR with factory color schemes, including but not limited to CBR600RR HRC fairing kit, CBR600RR Repsol fairing kit, CBR600RR Grand Prix Red fairing kit, CBR600RR matte black metalic fairing kit, etc. Our factory-style CBR600RR fairings are 95% equivalent to the CBR600RR original fairings with show-quality paint job and perfect fitment. 

iFairings team is good at making regular fairings as well as specialize in making custom-design fairings, such as CBR600RR Monster fairing kit, CBR600RR leyla edition fairing kit, etc. If you are looking for unique fairing kit to define your own taste and style, please let us know, we can bring your idea to life.

CBR600RR 2013-2023

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