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Honda CBR900RR O.E.M Replacement Fairings

iFairings team carries top quality Honda CBR929 Fairings and Honda CBR954 Fairings. These high quality CBR900RR Fairings/Bodywork are manufactured by original kind of material ABS with injection mold technology, which ensure our fairings and body kits being the same durable as the original fairings as well as 100% fitment. Three layers of  UV base protection painting plus clear coat covering on the decal and make our fairings oem factory look.

iFairings offers factory styling fairings like Honda CBR900RR red/black and a variety of race replica fairings, such as Honda CBR900RR repsol replica fairings, Konica Minolta fairings, red bull fairings, CBR900RR Rossi Repsol MotoGP fairings, etc. Also, iFairings has its talented airbrushers to help you customize your fairings and specify your style, like Honda CBR900RR West replica fairings, Honda CBR900RR lucky strike fairing,etc.

If you can not find the design you want, please feel free to contact us...


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