Yamaha YZF-R1 YZF-R6 Fairings and Body Kits

iFairings.com carries a huge selection of original quality Yamaha R1 Fairings and Yamaha R6 Fairings. These high quality Yamaha YZF Fairings and Body Kits are manufactured by original kind of material ABS with injection mold technology. The high-grade material and injection manufacturing technology make our fairings the same quality as O.E.M Yamaha Fairings. We spray three layers of UV base protection paint plus three layers of clear coat on the fairing panels, decals/stickers are applied under the clear coat. This paint job is bright and run a long time with no fading.

iFairings offers Yamaha factory scheme fairings, team race replica fairings and custom fairings, includes but not limited to,  Yamaha R1 FIAT team race replica fairings, Yamaha R6 Santander replica fairings, Yamaha 50th anniversary replica fairings, Yamaha R1 Camel race replica fairings, Yamaha Abarth team race replica fairings , etc. Also, iFairings has its talented airbrushers to help you customize your fairings and specify your style, such as Yamaha R1, R6 Monster race  replica fairings, Yamaha R1, R6 Jordan race replica fairing,etc. If you can not find the design you want, please feel free to contact us...

Fairings for Yamaha

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