Aftermarket fairing for 2020 2021 2022 2023 Yamaha YZF-R1 WorldGP 60th Anniversary Edition livery.

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Currency, Decals, Full Tank Cover, Rear Seat Cover, Pieces, Free Parts,

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US Dollar
Pre-installed Under Clear Coat
Full Tank Cover:
Not Available
Rear Seat Cover:
Available at Extra Cost
24 Pieces
Free Parts:
Windscreen + Tank Pad + Heat Shield + Universal Bolts

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2020 2021 2022 2023 Yamaha YZF-R1 WorldGP 60th Anniversary Edition fairings
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Need custom fairing for 2020 2021 2022 2023 Yamaha YZF-R1 ?  Click How to Order Custom Fairings 

This displayed aftermarket fairing was compatible with 2020 2021 2022 2023 Yamaha YZF-R1 original fairing and comes with show quality finish and perfect fitment. This fairing kit for Yamaha YZF-R1 is not OEM faring but comes with quality very close to the OEM's and covered by 180-Day warranty.

This displayed fairing is just one of hundreds of color schemes we are offering and we are unable to display all fairings in this section. If it is difficult for you to find the fairing that you want, please contact us, we can show you more nice fairings. If you like this displayed fairing but want to do some changes, just tell us how to make your fairing in Order/Custom Notes text area and/or click Reference Images button to send reference images, our talented workers will make your fairing in accordance with your request.

Product Descriptions:

  • Fit: 2020 2021 2022 2023 Yamaha YZF-R1
  • Pieces: 24 pieces + free parts (full kit order)
  • Material: high quality ABS virgin thermoplastic
  • Craftsmanship: injection moulding machine craft
  • Installation: holes pre-drilled and ready for install
  • Decals: pre-installed and applied under clear coat
  • Finish: show quality finish with six layers of paint and coat job
  • Customization: paint and decals can be customized with no extra cost
  • Warranty: 180-day warranty against peeling, lifting, fading, cracking, bubbling

Packing List:

1 x Fairing Kit 
1 x Tank Pad
1 x Heat Shield 
1 x Windscreen
1 x Pack of Bolt

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are your fairings OEM or Aftermarket fairing ?
A: Our fairings are aftermarket fairing, not OEM fairings but the material, craftsmanship and quality almost matches the OEM's. 

Q: Can I add logos/decals on the fairing ?
A: Yes ! You can add any logos/decals on the fairing kit, just write your request in Order/Custom Notes text area and if possible send picture(s) as a reference.

Q: Can I order a custom fairing and what would the cost be ?
A: Yes ! You can order custom fairing without extra cost, just write your custom request in Order/Custom Notes text area and if possible upload reference images. When get your order, our talented workers will make your order in accordance with your request.

Q: What's your warranty & what does it cover ?
A: We carry 180-day warranty against poor materials or craftsmanship, fading, peeling, cracking, melting, issues caused by our part and any issue can be easily resolved via email. 

Q: Do I need to drill holes ?
A: No. All holes are pre-drilled precisely and the whole kit is ready-for-install.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order since the time of purchase ?
A: It usually takes about three weeks to deliver the order ( fairing ) to continental United States. If you are out of  continental United States, the delivery time varies a lot depending on the shipping address. Please contact us to get an accurate delivery time.

Q: How do you ship the order and do you charge shipping cost ?
A: We use Express Shipping to ship the order to most countries or origins without shipping cost. If you get one message pop-up saying that the items in your cart can't be shipped to your country, please contact us. We can help you to get this resolved.

Q: Why the description claims 24 pieces but the pictures don't show all ? 
A: The standard complete fairing kit comes with 24 pieces, including the main painted cowls as shown in the picture(s) and some other small ABS trim plastics that are not shown in the picture(s). The picture(s) are color reference only. If order complete fairing kit, you get full kit with 24 pieces as claim in the description.

Q: Do you provide a shipping tracking number ?
A: Yes. you will be emailed a tracking number once your order is shipped. You can also login your account to check the shipping status or drop us email to get an update.

Q: Why is the status of my order still saying " Awaiting Fulfillment " couple days after my purchase ?
A: It usually takes about 15 days to finish your order ( fairing ), the status of your order " Awaiting Fulfillment " stays about 15 days and will be updated to " Shipped " when it is shipped. So " Awaiting Fulfillment " means that we started to proceed your order but haven't shipped it yet. So, please no worry if you find your order status Awaiting Fulfillment not being updated for a few days after the purchase.

Q: What if my order arrives with defects or damages ?
A: If you receive your order with defects or damages, just send us pictures and describe the issues, we will ship replacement once the defects or damages get confirmed.

Q: Should i pay customs duty and tax for my order ?
A: The price on our site doesn't include any customs duty and tax because the customs duty and tax varies a lot in different countries. So, we are not liable to any duty and tax. Please contact your local customs to get the details of the import custom duty and tax.

Q: Is heat shield included ?
A: Yes. We put some heat shield in the fairing box and you add it on lower parts yourself.

Q: Will the paint job match my factory paint ?
A: We don't guarantee that the paint job will exactly match your existing paint or factory paint. We do not have the same paint codes as the original manufacturer. This means it could have a variation in color.

       Will color be exactly as I see on my screen?

       Actual colors may vary. We cannot guarantee that the color you see on your monitor accurately portrays the true color of the product. By purchasing your fairings from us you accept the variations that may occur between the actual color, and the representation on our website.

Q: Do I need a professional installer ?
A: This depends on your level of expertise. All of our fairings are made to replace the original fairings and designed to bolt right on. If you have no trouble installing OEM fairing then you should have no problem with ours. If you are not handy or don't have a mechanical background we recommend have a professional install your new fairing kit.

Note: Please use your stock hardware or get new steel hardware to install the fairing.

Q: How about returns, exchanges or cancellations ?
A: Here we are dedicated to making sure your purchase is a satisfying one. If there are any issues with your purchase please contact us we can do what it takes to make it right.

Returns are accepted. There is a 30% restocking fee for returned fairing kit without fault. If you receive a kit and there are issues, includes but not limited to damage, not fit, wrong color, be sure to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you. All returned items must arrived in their original condition, un-mounted and free of defects. Return shipping is at the expense of the customer. Orders that are in progress are cancelled by the customer will be subject to a 30% restocking/handling fee. All orders are "custom" made at the time of purchase and cannot be fully canceled once production has commenced. Fairing order that has been customized specifically for an individually customer cannot be cancelled or returned as these are one-of-a-kind items for that specific individual.

*** All fairings sold on our site are aftermarket fairings and not OEM or original fairings, We are not affiliated with Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki,Ducati, BMW or Aprilia. If you require original OEM fairings, please contact authorized dealers. If these are desired they need to be purchased from an authorized dealer. 

We try very best to provide the consumer with detailed descriptions and images of each item. We are not responsible for slight differences or minor changes; these changes includes but not limited to decal differences, slight coloring differences, positioning of graphics/decals etc.