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New Fairings - Ducati 1199 Panigale Fairing

New Fairing Created From Ducati 1199 Superleggera.

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This new custom fairing kit was created from Ducati 1199 Panigale Superleggera fairing. Compared to the original Ducati 1199 Superleggera fairing kit, we added a white number plate on nose and changed the stickers on side panels from 1199 Superleggera to 1199 PanigalesR. Please check the picture how the finish looks like.

The custom Ducati 1199 fairing looks better than the factory Panigale Superleggera fairing, isn't it ?

Based on the original red nose fairing, we added a white number plate which makes the white color goes from nose to side and tail. on nose fairing, we also add a thin red strips around the white plate which matches well with the red strips on side panels and red strips on tail fairing piece.

Considering that this fairing kit is not exact the Ducati 1199 Superleggera fairing, we changed the lettering on upper fairings from 1199 Superleggear to 1199 PanigaleR.

Any suggestions or comments on this custom fairing ?